Semantically back (from Nepomuk Coding Sprint)

And i’m back home here in Italy after a beautiful weekend with beautiful people. The Nepomuk Coding Sprint was a success and i really hope to enjoy it again. I just have to say that the trip was not as good as the stay there. The agency thought it was Fribourg in Switzerland and not the good one in Germay which is called Freiburg. The bad thing is, in fact, that in italian they are both called “Friburgo” :/. Anyway after re-calculating the trip and spending more times in train than in Germany we, me and Francesco, arrived there a bit late the 19th. Unfortunately, due to the mistake by the agency we had to leave on sunday early in the morning and so we fully enjoyed just 1,5 days instead of 3. But it was the most amazing 1,5 days that i’ve ever spent :P. I’d say thanks to Albert, Daniel, George, Lukas, Marcel, Mathieu, Peter, Sebastian Faubel from Gnome, Tobias, Tom and, last, but not least, to the friendly host Sebastian Trueg which took care of all of us both in staying there and programming xD.

I learned much about Nepomuk, it’s really a great technology and people should be aware of its possibilities. I had the chance to work on Raptor together with Lukas and Francesco staying near each other (even on the same laptop :P) and we implemented some basic stuff for the real purposes Raptor was designed for. But i won’t talk about the details in this post.

I just want to share with you some photos i took there 😛



Some raptor tests with nepomuk 🙂

Albert, Lukas, Me

Albert, Lukas, Me

Saturday night in a pub: from the left Albert, Lukas and me.

Francesco is hungry

Francesco is hungry

At some point we got so hungry that we started drawing food on our own xD

Some of us programming

Some of us programming

That’s it guys, Sebastian is a great host, and i hope to see you again soon. Unfortunately i won’t go to Akademy due to university :(.


1 Response to “Semantically back (from Nepomuk Coding Sprint)”

  1. 1 Jeff June 24, 2009 at 8:54 pm

    Oh hey, Lukas is wearing a Jester Race shirt. \m/

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