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Still alive!

Heyo people, it’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been really busy with my exams and unfortunately i’m still a little :/. Anyway i’m back to my GSoC and currently i’m playing with the API. Don’t remember whether i already mentioned about but i’m writing a simple API to allow writing new media applets in the future =). Today i’ll show you what i achieved so far with containment and handlers in supporting 2 new media applets I’ve just integrated:

As you might have noticed we now have the browser from the left (still), a playback control from the top and the playlist from the right. Still no playing stuff though :/. That’s because i have to finish the api even if i already have some basic one which allows the applets to communicate each other without DBus, at least in this particular containment. I’m looking forward to seeing spectrum analysis in Phonon so that maybe i’ll be able to integrate some nice effect and/or share it with amarok. Today probably i’ll start playing with the mediaplayer applet, i also have to make some performance test since i plan to have a fullscreen video widget.

We’ll see, stay tuned =)



The GSoC official period started and i’m back again to the Media Center. Today i’ll show you a one-night-coded engine 😛 After notmart’s suggestion (great mentor, great) i got a pretty nice working version of a YouTubeEngine!! 🙂 You can easily use it to query YouTube for videos. Try the following queries for example 😛 (and thank sebas for the query suggestions!)

asian backstreet boys

asian backstreet boys

numa numa guy

numa numa guy

Remember to prepend “query/” to your queries as from the screenshots. Each source will have a key for each video id found. And with each id you’ll be able to retrieve a Plasma::DataEngine::Data containing video informations accessible through the keys specified in the docs (title, comment, keywords). I’ll add new keys asap but it’s already pretty nice and working. I need to do more checking stuff on the queries though.

Aaanyway, enjoy!