Rating your medias

Heyo everybody! 🙂

Just 2 days before attending the Nepomuk sprint i found some time to play with the amazing features it offers. Just few lines of code and the rating stuff is now available for my MediaBrowser. When using Nepomuk::Resource in your app remember to do Nepomuk::ResourceManager::instance()->init()  otherwirse your Nepomuk::Resource might make your app crashing 😛 (thanks Lukas for the hint).

The implementation is still young but i really plan to add a model to the MediaBrowser in order to only browse among rated medias so that statistics will be easy to do and stuff like “Most Rated Videos” will be available also for your local collection.

But now enjoy the vid. Still sorry for the low quality but youtube is not wide-videos-friendly 😉

As you may have noticed the Grid mode needs lots of polishing and i have to find a nice way in order to not overcrowd the view. In addition to this i should start better following nuno’s mockups 🙂

And now cheers and looking forward to meeting all of you joining the Nepomuk sprint!


2 Responses to “Rating your medias”

  1. 1 kartesus June 17, 2009 at 10:20 pm

    You could use vimeo.com, they are wide friendly ;D

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